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About Divine Harmony

Balance Body, Mind, & Spirit through Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing And Akashic Record Readings.


Classes for Relaxation, Stretching, Strengthening, & Balance | Beginners & all levels | Public & Private classes are available.


About Our Founder

Lisa Kennedy

Lisa, is the founder of Divine Harmony Yoga And Holistic Healing.  She is a licensed Yoga Instructor and Practicing Holistic Healer.   

Like many of us recently, Lisa felt the squeeze and changes of this transformational time.  The revolution that unfolded within her life to move away from the business world to pursue a more meaningful and purposeful path.  With the feelings and growing   seismic shifts occurring within and around her, she enrolled in Yoga and started to pursue and cultivate her ancestral knowledge of holistic healing, energy healing and divination.  She enjoys sharing her story, not because we think it needs applauding or recognition, but as she travels this new path and  as her life continues to evolve, she can do so with love,  divinity and wisdom  helping others who find themselves on a similar path and journey to Divine Harmony. 

Currently Lisa hosts regular Chakra Yoga Classes in the Tampa Bay Area, and also offers Chakra Balancing and Divine Messages.

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