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Our Yoga Classes & Holistic Healing 

At Divine Harmony Yoga And Holistic Healing, we’re more than just the words Yoga, wellness, and holistic healing providers. We are devoted to teaching contemplative practices like mindfulness, meditation, Reiki, and helping guide you towards a deeper connection to your body, mind, and spirit.


Chakra Yoga


Chakra Yoga is - a unique fusion of yoga, meditation, crystal, and energy healing, with aromatherapy - that aims to awaken, explore, and balance the physical, metaphysical, emotional, psychological, energetic, and vibrational elements of each of the 7 Chakra energy centers.


In Chakra Activation Yoga we generate an abundance of vital energy via different kinds of pranayama, we then move this energy throughout the body via exercises specific to each chakra.  Awareness and energy move from the Root Chakra up the spine to the Crown Chakra, leaving each Chakra activated, vitalized, and harmonized, the glands and organs nourished, and the skeletal system aligned.


Chakra Balancing &
Divine Messages 


Deeply meditative, this experience brings the body’s seven main Chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of specific essential oil blends, healing crystals and healing energy. This unique experience can leave you feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increased feeling of wellbeing.


Divine Readings


Also known as Oracle/Prophetic/Psychic Readings or shamanic readings, or angelic readings. A meditative reading in which we connect with higher celestial frequencies to help deliver messages and provide guidance specifically meant for you.


Akashic Record Readings


The Akashic Records are an [energetic] library of information that contain the details of your soul and its journey. They span through past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities. With a specific and intentional prayer that creates an energetic pathway into your Akashic Records, Cliff is able to access your soul's unique journey, your Akashic Records. Some can actually feel it happening. While in the Records, Cliff can perceive your potential. The person being read then resonates to a higher frequency becoming aware of his or her possibilities by adhering to this quickened vibrational level. So many of us have [shades] that don’t give us a full perspective of our choices and behaviors. These blinders may have been useful at some point in our lives to thrive or survive but as much as they helped us at one point, they may be hindering us now. Allow us to help you see your true self.

Guided Meditations

COMING SOON - Online Recorded Meditation Sessions With Lisa 


Sound Healing